Be Seen By Boaters & Lifeguards

You can use SwimmerBuddy for training, to take your belonging with you, to rest on it when tired & more!

Your Lifeline to Safe Swimming

"... this device provided the Most Visibility and Storage" ~SWIMMER Magazine

Open Water Confidence Builder

"I'm no longer restricted to pools because with SwimmerBuddy i can reach out and hold onto it while swimming in open waters" ~ Dean B.

Do What You Love Safely!

Don't endanger your life, swim safe, swim responsibly, swim with SwimmerBuddy!

As a beginner open water swimmer I’ve always been afraid of cramps or exhaustion. Knowing that SwimmerBuddy is behind me increases my confidence. I can swim my best and rest whenever I want” ~ Kyle W.
I used to train in my pool for swim events since it was hard to get someone in a canoe to look out for me. With SwimmerBuddy I train almost everyday in the lake. I add extra weight to challenge my stroke…” ~ Jane C.
The SwimmerBuddy elicited some strange looks from testers and beach goers. However, this device provided the most visibility and storage of any of the three products tested.” ~ SWIMMER Magazine
My wife hated me swimming around the pier because no matter how hard she tried, it was always hard for her to spot me. I got this device, and now she can find me easily and remain calmed” ~ Robert T.

What is SwimmerBuddy?

SwimmerBuddy is a swim safety device designed for open water swimmers, master swimmers, triathletes, divers, snorkelers and for anybody else who enjoys swimming in open waters.

It’s the only swim safety device that offers many advantages to all open water swimmers.

SwimmerBuddy comes standard with an orange flag and bright noodle to keep you visible in open waters. As a result, boats, jet-skies, canoes, paddle boarders, and other watercraft will be able to spot SwimmerBuddy, slow down, and avoid you. It also helps lifeguards, friends and family on shore to keep tabs on you.Besides the visibility factor, SwimmerBuddy also offers many more features. It helps you build open water confidence; knowing that it’s right behind you everywhere you swim keeps your mind at ease. You no longer have to leave your valuables and accessories on shore; take them with you!We encourage every open water swimmer to use some type of safety device, obey all safety signs, warning flags, and beware of the water and weather conditions. Help and encourage everyone, especially children, to learn and practice water safety!

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SwimmerBuddy is the the only device that is used by beginner swimmers, master swimmers & triathletes!