Think! Be Safe, Not Sorry!

“This Device provided the Most Visibility and Storage” ~ SWIMMER Magazine

What is SwimmerBuddy?

SwimmerBuddy is a swim safety device designed for open water swimmers, towed everywhere you swim, making you highly visible to others. SwimmerBuddy is designed to be used by beginner swimmers, triathletes, master swimmers, and anybody that enjoys swimming in open waters. SwimmerBuddy’s main purpose is to increase your safety and make you more visible to boaters, lifeguards, and people on shore.


What does it do?

When swimming in open waters, you are not easily seen by boaters, lifeguards, and people on shore. SwimmerBuddy will make you more visible to others from a great distance. If your body becomes overwhelmed, you can pull yourself up onto SwimmerBuddy and rest until you are capable of continuing or rescued. Knowing SwimmerBuddy is behind you makes you feel more safe, confident, and gives you peace of mind.


How does it work?

SwimmerBuddy is towed behind you everywhere you go. You attach SwimmerBuddy around your waist using an adjustable belt. There is a 6ft clearance from your waist to SwimmerBuddy and a flexible, light fin allows SwimmerBuddy to glide easily through the water with minimal drag. You can barely feel SwimmerBuddy behind you and when you do, you get a sense of confidence knowing that SwimmerBuddy is there if you are ever in danger.
SwimmerBuddy will be seen by boaters, jet skis, canoes, paddle boaters, and other watercraft, assisting them in avoiding you. Lifeguards will be able to see your location in the water. Friends and family on shore will know where you are and have peace of mind.


Safety and flexibility 

SwimmerBuddy accommodates to any swimming style without getting in your way and keeps you safe. SwimmerBuddy’s reflector bands and LED lights allow you to swim at anytime of day, from dawn to evening. SwimmerBuddy also allows you to keep your valuables in a safe, waterproof container and have them available anytime during or after your swim.

SwimmerBuddy includes

Bodyboard – Durable, light, and weight resistant.
Fin / Skeg – Clear, light, flexible and durable
Noodle – Durable and bright.
Flag – Highly visible and durable.
Reflector Bands – Yellow and red
Belt and Leash – Adjustable and durable
Additional features available for purchase in our store include: LED lights, camera pod, waterproof compartments, glowing flag poles, gps, and many more soon to be released.
Features include L.E.D. Lights, Camera Pod, Waterproof Compartments, Glowing Flag Poles, GPS, and many more to be released.